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Eco Hotel

The Charmant Petit Lac Ecohotel Parc & Spa, design hotel located in the heart of Champoluc, Aosta Valley, perfectly meets the demand for the harmony in which the structure blends with the scenery around, characterized by striking views of Valle d’Ayas and its woods: the sober and clean architectural style naturally combines with comfort and design.

The hotel is entirely committed to the respect for nature: a ”classically modern” wooden building that stands in sincere and respectful harmony with the surrounding natural environment, fulfilling its principles through all its features. Through its design, the Hotel literally blends in with the natural landscape accommodating it, and is entirely built with renewable resources: wood and glass infuse warmth to the building while allowing breath-taking views at the same time. The equilibrium with nature is also evident in the details: wooden walls and warm fabrics of natural materials convey comfort, while resources such as water and energy are used with care.

In this regard, the Hotel offers multiple contributions: its A-class energy efficiency certification above all, allowing energetic autonomy by only employing renewable resources.

Our Hotel is also a place where the value of simplicity is something very palpable, and you will find this in the people working with us as well: each collaborator meets here every day to personally take care of you.